Woven Filter Belts
Woven Filter Belts

Woven Filter Belts

Polynova® technical filtration fabrics are produced in a wide variety of materials including polyester, polyamide (nylon) and polypropylene. The fabrics are specifically designed to be used in a broad spectrum of applications in industries spanning chemicals, wine and juice production, waste water and sewage treatment, ceramics and food.

Polynova® technical fabrics are made in a variety of weave constructions and permeabilities. Their wide selection makes it possible to provide for any specific application.

Polynova® filter belts were developed in close co-operation with machine manufacturers and end-users especially for applications in liquid / solid separation and the dewatering of suspended solids.

These applications include the product extraction in the chemical industry, in metallurgy and mineral mining. Our filter belts are used for extraction of phosphoric acid and fertilizers, for filtration of aluminium hydroxide, for coal washing, as well as for specific filtration in flue gas desulphurization.

Polynova® fabrics can be converted for use on systems such as vacuum filter belt units, gravity belt thickeners, pan filters, belt presses and fluid bed driers plus many more.

Filter Belt Joints / Finishing

Verseidag Techfab GmbH produce a complete range of connecting joints for all fabrics that are designed for use as filter belts.

The joints are available in a number of forms and materials ranging from wholly synthetic to stainless steel. The synthetic joints can be produced to match the material of the belt. These are generally used for lighter applications, or where the presence of metal is detrimental to the given process. Stainless steel joints are fitted to the heavier range of fabrics and where physical strength is of importance. They are available in the “clipper” and “alligator” styles with a resinfill protection layer.

All belts are fitted with the optimum joint for their application and come complete with the appropriate joining/pintle wire.

We can also supply joints which are hand woven together on the ends to produce what is, effectively, an endless belt. Such joints are beneficial in areas where a joint line would compromise the finish of the product. It should be noted that it is only possible to fit these belts to machines with available access.

The edges of the belts are produced with a heat seal plus a neoprene/resin fill band where required, to prevent fraying and to reduce wear.

Further information may be obtained by calling our office.

Download the Cadisch Woven Filter Belts PDF Brochure Download the Cadisch Woven Filter Belts PDF Brochure
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