Woven Mesh
Woven Mesh

Woven Mesh

Cadisch Precision Meshes are at the cutting edge of woven wire mesh technology and with projects all around the world it is easy to see why.

Sometimes known as wire gauze or wirecloth woven mesh is an extremely versatile material suitable for many sieving, straining and filtering applications. It is woven to fine limits and can be used to separate out particles of a given size.

We are specialist suppliers of woven mesh, carry very large stocks, in a variety of different metals and can offer a rapid and efficient service.

Feel free to download our brochure and browse through it. If you require any help please do not hesitate to contact us with your project details and we will do our best to advise you.
Any required mesh count can be achieved using a number of different wire diameters, but certain combinations of mesh count and wire diameter have been accepted as standards throughout industry. These are underlined in our mesh table and are generally held in stock.

The combination of mesh count and wire diameter determines the aperture, the open area and the strength of the material. For any mesh, a thicker wire will provide a more robust weave but the aperture and open area will be reduced, giving a slower flow rate to the material passing through. Using a thinner wire the converse will apply.

If a non-standard mesh is required, it can generally be specially woven provided the quantity is sufficient. Our table indicates the range of meshes which are technically feasible. Mesh counts are generally quoted per inch, and lengths and widths are given in metric or imperial.

This contrasts with the continent of Europe where the size of mesh is normally defined by the aperture in mm. or microns rather than the mesh count, and all other measurements are metric.
Wire mesh is woven in rolls approximately 100 ft. long and generally in widths of 36", 1m or 48", although wider or narrower widths are sometimes available. We can supply any length in the loom width, and other widths can be cut to special order. Cut pieces of mesh can be supplied to your measurements or templates in any shape and quantity.
Woven wire mesh is priced by the square foot or square metre and price varies according to the quantity ordered
A precision magnifying instrument enabling mesh count to be checked with ease up to 100 mesh. Full details on request
We can supply fine stainless steel mesh for screen process printing. The mesh is specially selected for its quality of weaving and freedom from blemish, and is ideal where stability and fine definition are paramount, e.g. in printed circuit work. The mesh range normally used is 165-325 plain weave.

(see separate screen printing brochure.)
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