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Abbreviations Explained

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Abbreviations Explained

Abbreviations Explained

by Katie Robinson
Here's a few of the key abbreviations that you may come across when purchasing or specifying mesh

DIN: German Institute for Standardisation

DTW: Dutch Twilled Weave

HP: Hollander Plain (otherwise known as a plain dutch weave) – usually precedes numbers, which determines that micron rating of the weave

HT: Hollander Twill (otherwise known as twill dutch weave)

ISO 4782: International Organisation for Standardisation governing metal wire used for industrial wire screens and woven wirecloth

ISO 9044: International Organisation for Standardisation governing industrial wirecloth

KPZ: Reverse Dutch Twill Weave

PZ: Reverse Plain Dutch Weave

RPD: Reverse Plain Dutch Weave

SPW: Single Plain Dutch Weave

SWG: Standard Wire Gauge

TBC: Tensile Bolting Cloth

UTS: Tensile Strength

TRD: Twilled Reverse Dutch Weave

See also our GLOSSARY article for more definitions and mesh jargon explained.