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Mesh for all Industry Requirements

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Mesh for all Industry Requirements

Mesh for all Industry Requirements

by Katie Robinson
Metal mesh has a diverse range of applications within industries spanning from large pharmaceutical companies, through to individual mechanics, gardeners and home improvements.

Our mesh can be supplied in panels, rolls or cut to the size you need, which is why we work with a range of different businesses all with different mesh needs.

Many industries such as electronics, catering, pharmaceutical, automotive, mining, electronics, security, construction and facility management often require strong, safe and non-reactive metal mesh. Whilst other applications such as mesh for grills, trailers, fencing, railings, displays or cages may focus on finding mesh that offers safe-guarding, is durable or aesthetically pleasing.

Finding the right mesh product to meet these different requirements can depend upon factors such as the flatness of the sheet, the tightness of the tolerances or the smoothness of the surface.

Once we understand what the mesh is needed for, we can then advise on the best solution for your requirement. Give us a call on 0208 492 0444 for more advise.