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Perforated Metal Mesh for Acoustics

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Perforated Metal Mesh for Acoustics

Perforated Metal Mesh for Acoustics

by Katie Robinson
Mesh grills and perforated plates are used for a variety of different applications, one of which being a technique for controlling sound

Factors such as the flatness of the plate, the design of the perforation or the texture of the surface can all affect how soundwaves are controlled. Whether you want to project an echo, preserve a sound or tune noise out, getting the right product for your desired objective is therefore critical.

Many people assume that a higher open area percentage will allow sound to travel through the perforation more easily. However, the Industrial Perforators Association suggest that an equally important factor is the design of the open area i.e. the sizes of the holes and the distance between them.

In certain spaces such as concert halls and meeting rooms, you may want to amplify sound or contain it to a certain area. Conversely, you may also want to tune out certain frequencies or diffuse external noise from factors such as HVAC units or traffic from outside, thus improving the comfort of an environment. Because of this, we’re seeing perforated plates becoming an increasingly popular design feature within buildings.

Metal mesh for speakers also enhances the aesthetic of a product and protects speaker components as well as amplifying the sound; and although the aesthetics may not be an important factor to everyone, product durability certainly is, which is why we advise on investing in robust and reliable materials for your mesh grill.

Here at Cadisch Precision Meshes, we can help advise you on the most suitable mesh for your acoustic requirements. For more information, contact us on 0208 492 0444 or email